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Michael did my daughters new headshots and he was beyond amazing to work with. He was completely professional and patient with us and took the time to really talk to my daughter and myself about what we were looking for in this shoot. His work speaks for itself and this won’t be the last time we work with him. His studio is fantastic, his recommendation for a makeup artist was perfect, and the final shots were incredible.
— Summer Allen

Someone suggests you need a headshot - could be a boss, an agent, you start a business, or join a new firm.

You’re an Actor, a Model, a Real Estate Agent, a CEO, a Dancer, a Musician, or maybe an Entrepreneur promoting a business on LinkedIn. Whatever the reason, you suddenly need to perform, look your best AND create an image that looks Awesome! No pressure right?

The fact is, most people I know, regardless of whether they are seasoned professionals in front of a camera or complete first timers, freeze in front of a camera when it comes to their headshot.

Model Headshot Cincinnati

My approach to working with people sets them at ease, whether they are full of confidence or have NEVER seen a photo of themselves they like! I have a method which quickly breaks down some of the fears because I don’t try to “do it right” and “get the perfect image”. I want you to be yourself - I will guide you through a simple process while I focus on the eyes, the expression, the feeling of the moment. I work to get the best possible shot which defines your personality in the persona you are trying to portray. Overall, in the short time we have together, my one goal is to empower you and make you proud of your headshot!

Michael is one of my favorite photographers in the Ohio , Nky areas to shoot with . He has a great attention to detail & mastering the lighting for every shoot . He’s very thorough and professional when it comes to shooting with any talent . I would feel comfortable referring him to anyone in the industry. He has a great eye for headshots.
— Garey Faulkner

If you would like an image which captures your essence in an Impactful and Effective Headshot, I would love to meet you and create something special! Feel free to email questions to me at or click the button below for more information! I look forward to hearing from you!


Michael Matzko is a professional photographer residing in Cincinnati, OH. He specializes in Portraits and Headshots for a large variety of clientele, shooting both on location and in his beautiful studio in the bustling Over the Rhine district of the city. First picking up a camera when he was ten years old, Michael has had a creative career path which involved being a professional musician, a certified Alexander Technique teacher, as well as a successful 20+ year IT career leading software marketing and CRM development teams on both the small business and global levels. Throughout this time, he has been shooting photos of places and people around the globe making him uniquely qualified to work with people of all ages and professions! His passion is finding that “A-Ha!” moment in the session where things just start to click, consistently exceeding client expectations and creating an awesome environment for success!